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This site is devoted to the Betterment of Humankind by teaching how to grow your own food…better!

Partially Funded by Global Roadway Maintenance Inc. featuring Environmentally Friendly Anti-Ice Winter Maintenance.

Kudos to the Diggers & Weeders Garden Group who has raised funds for local causes: 1997 Cancer Lodge, 1998 Critical Care Unit at Kelowna General Hospital, 1999 the Belair Women’s Society, 2000 Rose Arbor in Knowles Park, and 2001 Gellately Nut Farm.

Thanks a bunch to all who purchased our exotic baby vegi plants this spring! To learn more about your particular plant go HERE.

 This site is entirely supported by Good Will. If you feel generous enough to gift any $, I promise to use it towards developing this site and do Good Things with it. Thank you!

Hundreds of photos and 21 years of organic mulch gardening lessons, tips, and tricks are going into the creation of this website. Learn how I turned a 35 x 35 foot piece of lawn into an award winning food factory that produces more food than you can imagine.

 All personal information is internal only! There will be no soliciting of email addresses if you send me anything. My email is  opskelowna @ GRMinc . ca and phone is 250 860 3693

Private consulting on how to build your mulch garden is available for a reasonable rate.


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1. Fall Preparations:

a) how to turn a lawn into a food factory

b) how to change your existing garden into a mulch garden

c) planning your garden according to sunlight & drainage

d) irrigation

e) how to collect for FREE all the mulch you will need

f) how to process mulch for flowerbeds

g) spreading tricks

 2. Harvesting:

a) canning & recipes

b) seed harvesting

c) storing produce

 d) composting

3. Spring:

a) plant planning

b) seed germination

c) starter beds & cold frames

d) planting in mulch

e) container planting/transplanting

4. Pest Identifying & Control:

a) using plants

b) traps

c) helpful insects

d) organic insecticides/fungicides

e) eyes & fingers

5. Composting:

a) different types and how they work

b) planning and constructing

6. Vegetable tips & tricks:

beans, beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, chard, corn, cucumbers, garlic, herbs, lettuce, onions, peppers, potatoes, spinach, strawberries, tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes, and more tomatoes (did I mention I really like tomatoes?)



This site cannot cover everything about gardening but IS specialized to the mulch method. Almost all of this information can be applied to conventional gardens as well. We also limit our expertise to organic gardening and do not condone newspaper or plastic mulch. A limited amount of our seeds will be available for purchase.  

Any suggestions/ tips please send us an email to  opskelowna @ GRMinc . ca


REMEMBER: When the leaves fall it is time to load up your mulch garden.


To see my little piece of Heaven on Earth  go HERE

Any funding would be appreciated to develop this site.