a) plant planning

b) seed germination

c) starter beds & cold frames

d) planting in mulch

e) container planting/transplanting

b) Seed Germination Click on any picture to ENLARGE

seedsaucerscut.jpg (14409 bytes) How it all starts:

Cut paper towels to fit in saucers (not Styrofoam, it molds!)

layering the towels to provide moisture without drowning.

seedsaucers.jpg (17643 bytes) Place your seeds on onion paper folds marking in pencil the varieties. Water with spray bottle. Place saucers in baggies to avoid rapid drying out.
germinatefinger.jpg (13818 bytes) Between 4 days and 10 days your seeds will be germinated, mostly depending on temperature. Broccolli in 4 days, Habanero peppers in 10 days. plantseedlingfingers.jpg (37041 bytes) Plant in containers that fit your starting area. The larger the container, the more time you have between transplanting. I use a pencil or anything that is handy to dig holes for seeds.